• Jonathan Brimer

Au Revoir, Aaron

As an entrepreneur, I often listen to the "How I Built This" podcast. Hearing stories of how people created thriving businesses from the ground up is not only interesting, but very inspirational. Often, as people tell their start-up stories, the game changing moment was a result of finding the right person at the right time for the right task.

For us, that person was Aaron Anderson.

We had become used to drowning in our own sea of logistics. From shipping boxes to events all over the country as part of our gifting program to filling out a mortgage-worth of documents for international shipments, we had reached a place where growth was no longer possible because of our lack of logistical processes.

Our operations director, John introduced us to his personal friend, Aaron while we were on an event near Aaron's hometown in Orange County, California. Aaron led a global logistics team on behalf of a major retailer. His ability to speak the language of logistics was outstanding and thrilling. It was exactly what Select Shades needed...but how do you convince a guy to move across the country and leave a global freight company to work for a tiny sunglasses business?

Going back to "How I Built This", there are moments in the story of each episode where I want to say "wait! you skipped the details! how'd you do that?" In this story, this is where I'd be screaming that because we convinced Aaron to join our small family. He instantly made impacts by streamlining our back-end operations and finding numerous efficiencies and cost-saving things to capitalize on. This allowed us to grow our business beyond the $1 million revenue mark for the first time.

Aaron is a pragmatic man with a variety of interests. You'd be likely to find him gaming...but you'd just as easily find him fishing. He's a natural conversationalist, but you're not likely to find him in a nightclub. If I ever need someone to help me survive the zombie apocalypse, Aaron would be tops on my list.

We absolutely do not want to say farewell to Aaron. We honestly were just getting started. But the impacts of a pandemic are numerous. Aaron is not the type to sit around waiting for an uncertainty to become certain again...he considers this the perfect time to take the next career leap. As he moves to Minnesota, we already miss his presence in the office and know that filling his shoes as Logistics Director will be next to impossible. Join us in wishing Aaron all the best as he starts his next career chapter.

Aaron, your Select Shades family always has your back! Thank you for everything you have done to make our success possible!

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