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Boost your gift, not your budget

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Are you thinking "gosh, I'd like to do something other than just a candle or a backpack...but we just don't have the budget for great gifts this year"? To that I might say, "not so fast!" Select Shades has the ability to deliver a sunglass experience for as little as $50...and with no minimums required!

To paint the picture, here are ten favorite styles from ten brilliant brands...all of which are under $80 to gift!

Brand: Vogue Eyewear

Gender: Unisex

What we like: A classic square aviator, this evokes 70s-era swag but with modern colors and subtle curves.

Brand: Armani Exchange

Gender: Ladies

What we like: Flattering on most face shapes, this cross between a butterfly shape and wayfarer shape features subtle Bordeaux colors.

Brand: Arnette

Gender: Guys

What we like: Arnette is still made in Italy. You get great craftsmanship for the price and style that holds up to wear and tear as well as some of the more expensive sport brands. These clear slightly wrapped shades are a best-seller.

Brand: Brooks Brothers

Gender: Unisex

What we like: A sunglass collection is not complete without an iconic clubmaster shape. Brooks Brothers delivers with this beautiful shiny tortoise and gold squarish-clubmaster. Ready for par!

Brand: Ralph by Ralph Lauren

Gender: Ladies

What we like: A bold color on a square shape that is hot hot HOT right now. This is giving us early-70s vibes, but retro continues to be very popular.

Brand: Converse

Gender: Unisex

What we like: It's not extremely well-known that Converse has a sunglass line that is not only stylish, but feels great and sturdy. We were impressed when we met with the rep and tried these on. Excellent fit and comfort!

Brand: Lucky Brand

Gender: Guys

What we like: A stylish aviator with details in the brow beam. Love the coloring as well. A lot of times guys want something more subtle than gold but don't love silver. This gunmetal is the perfect compromise.

Brand: Spy

Gender: Unisex

What we like: The ability to add winter goggles to a gifting program, especially a holiday program, helps you stand out even more! The skiers and snowboarders in your group will love the opportunity to add a great pair of goggles to their gear!

Brand: Maho

Gender: Unisex

What we like: This frame is so comfortable, fits everyone, is stylish but not gaudy, and is polarized. Plus it comes from one of our absolute favorite brands. Make sure you check out our blog post about Maho.

Brand: Diff Eyewear

Gender: Ladies

What we like: Among the many things we've learned during the pandemic, the negative effects of blue light are one of the most revealing. Constantly staring at our devices all day can lead to headaches, eye strain, and tension. Fortunately, blue light blocking lenses can prevent these negative side effects and do so in style!

Do you love these possibilities for you event? We'd love to talk to you! Let us help you boost your gifting experience with a category EVERYONE loves at a price that works for these challenging times! Contact Amy Stavish today for a curated proposal.

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