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Gift your best Krewe with the spirit of New Orleans

Krewe is a New Orleans-based independent eyewear company that takes the art, design, and culture of NOLA and uses it as a basis for sunglasses design that are unique, eye-catching, colorful, and - if we may - jazzy!

Sourcing only the finest materials, Krewe's process demands intricacy and attention to detail. A 100-point inspection system is performed by hand in-house, checking each piece for craftsmanship standards and polishing them all. The styles are made in small batches to maintain the quality standards. Acetates are all made in custom patterns and can take one to twelve weeks to complete. Metals are always titanium of 24k plated gold. Lenses are shatter resistant and coated with anti-scratch and anti-smudge coatings.

The designs stand out as much as the quality. Krewe has styles for both ladies and gentlemen, as well as a lower-priced Active line for outdoor activities.

Here are three of our favorites:

"COHN is the wing-tipped, retro teardrop aviator of your dreams. Channel peak mid-century luxury with a sleek, continuous brow bar whose gentle arc frames every face to perfection."


"With flat, nylon lenses that overlay its cat-eye shape, Laveau Nylon’s confident, upswept silhouette merges both metal and acetate with a flattering yet enchanting allure."


"Designed with lightweight functionality in mind, Breton is our sleek take on the iconic aviator, with refined lines that make it a perfect fit for adventure-seekers."


Do you love these possibilities for you event? We'd love to talk to you! Let us help you WOW your KREWE with a unique, handcrafted pair of sunglasses infused with the spirit of New Orleans! Contact Amy Stavish today for a curated proposal.

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