• Jonathan Brimer

Insight about On Site

The Incentive Research Foundation recently published results of a study fielded in the first half of July 2020 using surveys of incentive travel industry professionals.

The study can be read in its entirety here.

This same study was done in early April, and the changes from April to July are quite telling. I don't think any of us considered in late March - early April that we would still be in relatively uncertain times seemingly through the end of 2020.

The good news is that indicators show a willingness to return to on-site programs in 2021 and very little reductions in overall budgets. The things we have learned since March and April about creating a safe on-site environment are significant and hotels are now hosting small to mid-size programs. Large events might take a while to return to a full on-site experience, but in the meantime the industry is coming together to brainstorm what an omnichannel event (with both on-site and digital attendance) looks & feels like. Perfection of the omnichannel experience is one of several trends shaping the future of meetings.

The comfort level that attendees have towards traveling is the primary consideration for moving forward with an onsite incentive travel program. In the meantime, rewards are bridging the gap and offering a personalized digital experience is more important than ever.

Sunglasses fall into the second most frequently rewarded category and well-known brand names are at least somewhat important to 83% of decision-makers. Select Shades gifting program features an unparalleled number of sunglass fashion brands and turnkey guidance provided by both event and sunglass experts. As we reach forward towards the return of on-site events, consider letting us make you the rock star of your own event!

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