• Jonathan Brimer

Military-grade, made in the USA, and hand crafted! Really!?

This is what we LOVE about Randolph Engineering Sunglasses. As the last premium eyewear brand to still be crafted in the USA, the illustrious history of Randolph Engineering and the US Military is extraordinary. In fact, Randolph's slogan is "welcome to extraordinary".

Randolph's story started overseas. Former Royal Air Force navigator Jan Waszkiewicz and machinist Stanley Zaleski both immigrated to America with a few bucks and a dream: to build the world’s best sunglass.

With a background in engineering and some serious skills, they set out to build an eyewear company with their bare hands.

They built the machines that craft the sunglasses, and purpose-built a product for the world’s toughest critics: the US Department of Defense.

Today, just outside of Boston, you’ll find the same machines, the same families and the same ethics, quietly building the world’s finest eyewear one pair at a time in an unexpected way. Randolph builds eyewear for anyone who expects better. A pair of Randolph sunglasses speak to the American dream and American-made quality in a way that no other brand can. Their styles are outstanding works of eyewear craftsmanship.

Randolph can be purchased directly from Select Shades via e-mail or included on a gifting event or care package by contacting our gifting team.

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