• Jonathan Brimer

RAEN On Me. Specifically on my face.

Two brothers, a love of surfing, and California. Sounds like a perfect recipe for the birth of a sunglass brand, right?

Justin & Jeremy Heit were ensconced in the Southern California skate & surf scenes. Both blessed with an eye for design and branding, they were hit with an opportunity: create premium handmade eyewear with a clean, classic, California aesthetic. In 2009, RAEN was born.

RAEN focuses on meticulous attention to detail in crafting their sunglasses. Each piece is designed in a California studio and made from unique, custom acetate. Cut individually from a sheet of acetate, the frames are designed to be heated and molded to provide ideal fit. All of RAEN's lenses are from Germany's Carl Zeiss optics, one of the oldest optics manufacturers in the world.

Raen's place is the fashion world is skyrocketing. Daniel Levy's character (David Rose) in the hit show, Schitt's Creek regularly sports his RAEN Ashtray sunglasses. And Vogue consistently includes RAEN in their lists of hottest styles for the summer.

RAEN's presence on gifting events grows each year as the brand becomes more and more well-known. The brand features classic styles with lightweight comfort and fits most program's budgets. Pair it with a few iconic brands to add subtle California laid-back sophistication to your sunglass assortment.

Don't forget to browse some of our favorite styles of RAEN...and see what the buzz is all about.

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