• Jonathan Brimer

Thank You for Gifting Again

Last week, we had the distinct opportunity to participate in an on-site fitting experience for the first time since March! Our client was thrilled to know just how much the safety and health of recipients and on-site staff meant to us. Gifting does not have to stop - it just has to adapt! For us that means following the same stringent protocols that we have successfully implemented in our retail stores.

You will have peace of mind knowing that a safe experience is top of mind for us.

In addition to our safety procedures, we gift on-site for gatherings as small as 10 people. Golf outings? Wedding parties? Outdoor social events? We're here for them all!

If it is still too soon for you to host on-site gifting, we completely understand. From a Zoom fitting to a virtual gifting microsite, our spectacular collection of sunglass brands is available to gift on your terms.

It has us channeling our inner Golden Girls and singing "thank you for gifting again...we'll travel down the road and back again!"

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